Dudley Humphrey, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP, Winston-Salem

First job I can remember was working in the cafeteria at Forest Hills School in Wilmington circa 1944. Pay was free lunch. There were about three or four other children working in the cafeteria. In hindsight, I realize that some of them had to work for lunch, whereas I did not. Years later, I met a Wake Forest professor and former football player a few years older than I am who told me about an incident. Some parents objected to white kids — schools being all-white or all-black back then — from Seagate, a poor rural area, being bused to Forest Hills School and were successful in getting attendance districts rearranged to exclude them. I was oblivious to the social tensions. Perhaps my job in the cafeteria kept me closer to the kids that had to work for something to eat and away from some of the kids whose parents were such insufferable snobs. If that is the case, I hope it had a positive influence on my value system and how I interact with people.

Vita: Born Dec. 22, 1933, in Wilmington; bachelor’s from Duke University and law degree from UNC Chapel Hill; wife, two children and grandson. Why he chose this field: Partners found out that I had actually read the AIA General Conditions in connection with some transactional work. Started out as a tax lawyer. What he’d be if not a lawyer: Never given the subject much thought. About 40 years ago, I turned down the opportunity to run a construction company. No regrets. Passions: Practicing law, flying, golf, my grandson, but not necessarily in that order. Hero: Grandfather Woodus Kellum, who with only about two years of formal education practiced law for about 60 years. Don’t ask him to: Eat chicken livers.