Mark W. Merritt Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson PA, Charlotte

Away from the office, you can find me at Christ Episcopal Church, where I have been on the vestry, served as senior warden and have been a fifth-grade Sunday-school teacher for 18 years. I have been exposed to a generation of children and have greatly enjoyed their perceptiveness, their intelligence and their lack of cynicism. They have taught me far more than I have taught them.

Vita: Born Sept. 18, 1957, in Utica, N.Y.; bachelor’s from UNC Chapel Hill and law degree from University of Virginia; wife and three children. Why he chose this field: It was a logical outgrowth of my interest in economics. Memorable case: My first antitrust case involved a multiweek trial in which our firm represented bottlers of RC Cola and similar soft drinks in a lawsuit against bottlers of Coke and Pepsi for violations of the Sherman Act. What he’d be if not a lawyer: Probably an economist. Passions: My family, my church, running and rock ’n’ roll. Recent reading: The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff, which is a short and fun book. This is my children’s way of trying to get me to live in the moment and not take myself and my work so seriously. My kids have a way of recommending books that address my character flaws. Don’t ask him to: Do anything that requires fine motor skills, not get frustrated playing golf, show restraint when eating at a buffet, pull for a team coached by Steve Spurrier and not think that Carolina basketball is important in a profound way.