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Personnel File - March 2008: Sports

Judy Rose, Director of Athletics
UNC, Charlotte

Fans love an underdog, whether it’s a stubby hoopster like former Charlotte Hornet Muggsy Bogues or a no-way-they-can-win Super Bowl champ like the New York Giants. Count Judy Rose, 55, as someone to cheer for, too. She hopes to win approval this fall from UNCC’s board of trustees to start a football team by 2012. A special committee recommended to Chancellor Philip Dubois that UNCC do so — but warned annual operating costs could total about $5.9 million.

Why UNCC needs big-time football: “It’s a rallying point for students and alumni. And institutions that are I-A get a heavier-weighted vote within the NCAA. Without it, your voice isn’t as loud.”

First job at UNCC: She coached women’s basketball and tennis, oversaw intramurals and taught phys ed in 1975 — all for $8,000 a year. The Winthrop grad, who got her master’s at Tennessee, has been UNCC’s AD since 1990.

Her retort to Title IX skeptics: “Canceling men’s sports because of Title IX is a cop-out. You don’t need 85 scholarships to field a football team. Raise money and reallocate what you have, and you can keep all your men’s teams.”

Sporting events attended annually: “In the fall, I attend every volleyball match and men’s and women’s basketball and soccer game. In the spring, it’s harder with contests during the day, but I get to baseball, men’s and women’s tennis and one or two track meets.”

How to recognize her at games: She’ll be the well-dressed lady sitting near the court and hammering away on her BlackBerry.