University researchers target projects to meet industry needs

Charlotte Research Institute uses its strengths in eBusiness technology,
precision metrology, life sciences and optoelectronics to boost the region.

UNC Charlotte bolsters the intellectual and economic health of the Charlotte region by graduating technical and business professionals, providing continuing education and working shoulder-to-shoulder with industry for important research. The university and its Charlotte Research Institute regularly help people locally and around the globe with research, development, technology and more.

The institute is a portal for business-university technology partnerships in precision metrology, eBusiness technology, optoelectronics and life sciences (especially bioinformatics, biomedical engineering systems and translational research). A National Science Foundation report rated UNC Charlotte first in the nation for patents issued, second in patents sought and third in startups when dollars are normalized across more than 150 universities.

eBusiness Technology Institute

The eBusiness Technology Institute has deep business roots, improving information privacy and security for Web-based financial processes and intelligent data analyses. CRI has one of the country’s largest visualization and visual analytics programs. The next generation of industry and government cyber defenders has its roots there. The eBTI database decoys intentionally attract viruses to study their behavior and then create cures. The Center for Information Security and Assurance creates techniques to defend networks against viruses, worms and other digital dangers. CRI’s Visualization Center is applying its research to anti-money-laundering investigations in wire transfers for advanced identity-management systems. The visual center also is working with partners to develop a grid-computing network to analyze pollution and air-quality models.

Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications

This UNC Charlotte center provides research in active and passive photonic devices, integrated optics and packaging, fabrication of engineered optical materials, optical metrology and imaging and optical-communication networks. Researchers develop optoelectronic components, devices and subassemblies with applications in telecommunications, sensors and imaging. The center has nanoimprint capabilities, materials-growth and etching capabilities, e-beam and optical lithography and the latest in characterization and measurement. The combined research services of optics and precision metrology put the latest research in two advanced manufacturing disciplines under one roof.

Center for Precision Metrology

Precision is critical for U.S. industrial competitiveness. All aspects of manufacturing are moving to tighter tolerances. The Center for Precision Metrology trains professionals and performs exacting measurements to build instruments. Manufacturing activities with security implications or high-tolerance issues cannot be off-shored, which is why defense, telecommunications, aircraft production, chip manufacturing and electronics companies use CPM.

Life Sciences

UNC Charlotte leverages research strengths in biology, engineering and information technology to create interdisciplinary solutions in biomedical issues. Since 2002, the university has invested $100 million in life-sciences research for bioinformatics — a multidisciplinary effort that draws on physical and life sciences, computer science, mathematics and statistics. It focuses on functional genomics, statistical genetics and proteomics helpful in drug discovery, genetic modification of crops, biochemical production and personalized medicine. Researchers at CRI work with cancer researchers in technologies for metastatic-cancer therapeutics, including cancer genomics and tumor formation, brain cancer and liver cancer.

Motorsports and Automotive Research Center

UNC Charlotte runs one of the best motor-sports-engineering programs in the nation. Motor-sports expertise can be used in auto-component testing, fuel-economy studies, fluid-flow analysis and fuel-injector algorithms.

A Ready Resource

The Charlotte Research Institute at UNC Charlotte is a ready source for research. However, real intellectual capital is built beyond the lab or bench. Each year, the institute convenes conferences to advance technology, including the Charlotte Biotechnology Conference, the Charlotte Visualization Center Symposium, the CRI Workshop for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications, the Cyber Security Symposium, the Optoelectronics Fall Symposium and the Nanotechnology Conference. The combination of research and relationships fortifies the region’s industrial and service base. UNC Charlotte prides itself on working shoulder to shoulder with companies and supporting regional business’ need for talent and information. At the university — in the Charlotte Region — we work together.