readers write - September 2008

Paper losses

Yes, times have changed for the printed press (Fine Print, August) and for the networks that have always controlled and manipulated the news with their biased views. The public has become tired of the situation, and it was only logical that other sources have come on the scene to present a more truthful and balanced view of the news

Henry N. Helgesen, Wilmington


I figure you’re right on about all counts with your assessment of newspapers. Unfortunately. When I’m traveling and don’t have The Charlotte Observer available, I attempt my morning ritual with my laptop instead of the paper spread out on the kitchen table. Using the laptop feels like work. And broadcast television news feels like an assault. I’ll miss the paper when it’s gone.

Lynn Nash, Executive Vice President North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association, Hickory

Rising in the East

As a 16-year employee of Pitt County Memorial Hospital, I would like to thank you for recognizing University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina in your July issue (cover story). I am proud to work for a growing and vibrant hospital that is changing Eastern North Carolina. I am so glad that Edward Martin chose Dr. Randolph Chitwood and our institution to provide his recent care.

A long-term subscriber, I look forward to each issue. I had written a letter to the editor in September 2003 when I was disappointed in the lack of recognition for Eastern North Carolina on your Best Doctors list. We have many outstanding physicians that deserve the same recognition as their counterparts throughout the state.

Thanks again for a great article. We will continue to show the state that Greenville has “come a long way, baby.”

Ellen M. Walston, Injury Prevention Program Coordinator, University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina Greenville


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