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Personnel File - June 2009: Security

Larry O’Brien
CEO, Security Forces Inc.

Thirty-seven years ago, Larry O’Brien began a career in business development at Charlotte-based Security Forces. Now 65, he’s part owner, and the company has expanded from 100 employees to more than 3,400. Revenue was about $104 million last year, up $3.5 million from 2007. Clients include office-park owners and residential-property managers in 10 states.

Résumé: Native of Brooklyn, N.Y. Bachelor’s in 1966 from Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pa.; MBA from Temple University. Worked in marketing for J.C. Penney and a Philadelphia-based bank before moving to Security Forces.

How the business has changed: “It has become much more professional over the years. Minimum standards for hiring have been raised.”

Why he expects to thrive despite the sour economy: “People need a certain level of security for their businesses. It’s often one of the last things they cut back on.”

On the importance of video analytics — technology that programs monitors to be sensitive to suspicious activities: “If you have someone watching 30 screens, they might not detect everything 100% of the time. You can use technology more effectively.”