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Ben Kinney - Dec 19, 2013 - 4:00:00 pm


Business North Carolina and Campbell University’s Lundy Fetterman School of Business gathered a distinguished panel of experts to discuss where the state’s economy is headed in 2014. The event was held in Raleigh at the Campbell University School of Law and the panel included:  

  • Scott Daugherty, executive director, N.C. Small Business and Technology Development Center
  • Ed Fritsch, CEO, Highwoods Properties Inc.
  • Lyons Gray, secretary, N.C. Department of Revenue
  • Jackie Keener, acting director, N.C. Department of Commerce — Labor & Economic Analysis Division
  • Nicholas Kottyan, president and CEO, DataChambers LLC
  • Tim Moffitt, CEO, Moffitt International Inc.; representative, N.C. House of Representatives, chairman of the House Committee on Regulatory Affairs and vice-chairman of the House Committee on Commerce and Job Development
  • Bill Pully, president, North Carolina Hospital Association
  • R. Bruce Thompson II, partner, Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP
  • Brad Wilson, president and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

 As you can see it was quite a group, and they had a lot to discuss. The general consensus was that the state would continue to see slow and steady growth in 2014. Healthcare, specifically the Affordable Care Act was a wild card. There is still much uncertainty among businesses on where that is going as it rolls out. As one panelists put it, "the only certainty on healthcare is uncertainty". Exceprts from the discussion will be featured in a special section in our February 2014 issue. Click here to get your copy.



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