CEOs high on North Carolina

Spencer Campbell - May 09, 2014 - 12:00:00 am


Business might be better in Texas, but it’s still pretty darn good in North Carolina, according to Chief Executive magazine’s annual ranking of the best and worst states for business. Based on 500 CEO surveys, it grades states based on tax and regulatory policy, workforce and quality of life. Texas finished first, respondents praising its schools, while California was last, chief executives slamming its regulatory red tape.

North Carolina was fourth, surrounded by regional rivals. Editors claimed last year’s tax-code overhaul was “hailed as by some as any state’s best in two decades.” However, CEOs were quick to point out that not every region of the state is flourishing. “Areas in North Carolina like Raleigh, Charlotte, Cary, Chapel Hill and Durham have been great places for technology companies,” one respondent said. “The workforce in these areas have [sic] very talented candidates. The western part of the state does not fare as well.” North Carolina also ranked fourth in best states for biotech.

Five best states for business in 2014

1.  Texas

2.  Florida

3.  Tennessee

4.  North Carolina

5.  South Carolina


Five worst states for business

50. California

49. New York

48. Illinois

47. New Jersey

46. Massachusetts




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