BNC honored for Editorial Excellence

Spencer Campbell - Jun 23, 2014 - 1:30:00 pm

Business North Carolina won four 2014 Editorial Excellence awards from The Alliance of Area Business Publishers on Saturday during the organization’s summer conference in Baltimore. “The annual competition recognizes excellence in journalism, photography and design achieved by regional business publications,” according to the press release announcing the awards. “Twenty-seven judges are comprised of faculty members from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, with qualifications in respective area of expertise.”

BNC won two gold awards in the magazine competition. Senior Contributing Editor Edward Martin took home first place in Best Body of Work for “Out of Sight,” “A Place Apart,” “Wordly Things” and “Critical Care.” "Martin’s stories are fine examples of how to humanize business stories without losing sight of the numbers,” the judges noted. “The writing has many lovely turns of phrase that keeps the reader engaged to the very end.”

Editor-In-Chief David Kinney and Merissa Jones, our then-art director, were awarded gold in Best Cover for February 2013’s “Always Low Wages." "BNC took Wal-Mart’s slogan and happy-face visuals and turned it on its head to create a humorous cover with an edge,” according to the judges. “The title focuses the magazine’s angle on the impact of low wages on the economy."

In the Best Local Coverage of a National Business/Economic Story category, open to magazines and newspapers, the judges awarded a silver prize to contributing editor Ken Otterbourg for his piece on blu eCigs, "Vapor Trails." “Using social media, great graphics and wonderful story-telling, Otterbourg tells the fascinating story of the birth of e-cigarettes. Lots of detail is packed in the story, giving great twists and insight about how an industry is being re-invented amidst health concerns and heavy regulation.”

Finally, Kinney, Art Director Jim Denk and Managing Editor Spencer Campbell won bronze in Best Recurring Feature, also an open category. “The ‘Regional Report’ uses inviting graphics and crisp text to show readers from anywhere in North Carolina how their own locale stacks up. The beautifully illustrated data sets cover an impressive array of topics.”

The competition featured more than 659 entries, up from 573 the year before.






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