Welcome back, Fayetteville

Spencer Campbell - Jul 28, 2014 - 1:00:00 pm

Undoubtedly due to unwavering military might, Fayetteville ranks third among the largest 150 U.S. cities for growth since the end of the recession, according to WalletHub. “We used 18 essential metrics — from the inflow of college-educated workers and number of new businesses to unemployment rates and home price appreciation — to examine how each city has evolved economically in the past several years, ” the Washington, D.C.-based personal-finance website said in a statement. Fayetteville, near the Army’s Fort Bragg military base, ranked sixth in employment and earning opportunity and 11th in economic environment. Raleigh ranked 10th, Durham 22nd, Greensboro 84th, Winston-Salem 87th and Charlotte 98th. Coming in last among Tar Heel states isn’t the Queen City’s only bit of bad news via WalletHub today. It also was among the worst cities for recreation. Maybe if residents worked a little harder, city leaders would let them play a little harder.

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