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Closing credits

A state incentive made North Carolina a haven for Hollywood, but tax reform may end the show.

By Edward Martin

Above, under a full moon, mists shroud the forest’s gnarled oaks. Down here, where there’s neither night nor day, footsteps echo hollowly in a gloomy passageway. Serpentine roots reach out of gray rock walls. “These,” a young woman whispers to her companion, as if hesitant to breathe in the odor of decaying flesh, “are the catacombs.” Everybody whispers here, but the only smell is of freshly cut plywood. Signs warn: Hot Set — Do Not Enter. Fox Broadcasting Co., part of New York-based News Corp., films its Sleepy Hollow television series at EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington. At 50 acres, it’s the largest soundstage lot outside California.


Getting out of rehab

Tax breaks for renovating historic buildings breathed life into dying downtowns. Now the credits are expiring.

By Greg Lacour


Seed money

Venture capital remains scarce in the state, but that hasn't stopped a slew of biotechs from going public.

By Spencer Campbell and Cathy Martin

If money follows innovation, North Carolina companies have been pretty prosaic the last few years. The amount of venture capital flowing into the state in recent years can best be described as a trickle. One industry, however, might be turning things around. According to The MoneyTree Report, a summary of U.S. venture capital compiled from Thomson Reuters data by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association, Tar Heel businesses received $110 million in the fourth quarter of 2013, the state’s largest quarterly total in three years. Biotechnology companies got more than $70 million.

 Data mine

Google search-engine superiority is partly powered by its billion-dollar data center in Caldwell County.

By Edward Martin



Up Front

New editor is an old hand.


Here is what federal agents say they bought in Charlotte.

The gender gap in wages isn't as wide in N.C. as nationally.

Free & Clear

How this state really ranks.

Capital Goods

Can McCrory shake the spill?


Home Depot outperforms Lowe's, except for CEO pay. 


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Top Tar Heel lawyers identify important issues impeding business in the state and offer routes around them.

Special Advertising Section: Executive education
Sharper edges: Buoyed by a better economy, more companies are sending employees to executive-education programs, where they fine-tune their skills.

Cash Crop

Selected articles about agribusiness in North Carolina.

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