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September 2012

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Run up the score

That’s what the ACC must do with its TV football deals to stay in the game.
By Spencer Campbell

Tom Hamilton was a hard man. He played halfback and quarterback on the undefeated Navy team that won a national championship in 1926. He led a come-from-behind touchdown drive, then drop-kicked the extra point that tied Army in one of the best football games ever played. A pioneer naval aviator, he flew scout, patrol, torpedo and transport planes and, in World War II, commanded aircraft carriers in the Pacific. But nothing, not lunging linemen or crashing kamikazes, scared him the way television in its infancy did. “We are dealing with a terrific force like a powerful wind of gale velocity,” the retired rear admiral warned the 1951 convention of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. “We are already feeling the first breezes of this hurricane.”


Moving furniture

Bruce Cochrane resurrected his family business because he believes manufacturing will come back from China.
By Vikki Broughton Hodges
Bruce Cochrane sits in his father’s former office, surrounded by photos documenting his family’s history. His great-great-grandfather turned wood into church pews. His great-grandfather opened a factory in Lincolnton that made fireplace mantels before focusing on oak and pine dining-room sets. By the late 1930s, it employed 50. When his father, Theo, became president around 1960, he introduced pieces crafted from cherry and the popular Threshers collection. In 1982, when the new factory opened, Cochrane Furniture Co.’s workforce topped 1,000. “It is not just about making fine furniture,” his dad would say. “It is about the good people that make the fine furniture.”

Cache a check

Shareholder return is rising faster than CEO compensation, our list shows. And that’s without a nay say-on-pay vote
By Erin Dunn
Collectively, shareholders of North Carolina’s largest public companies have something to cheer about as their returns have begun to outpace CEO pay increases, according to Business North Carolina’s annual ranking of executive compensation. In fact, the 75 largest companies reported a median three-year total shareholder return of 13.8%, while median total CEO compensation increased just 10.8% in the latest fiscal year.

Photo Feature

Pier into the future

On the edge of the deep blue is a green modern marvel preserving the past.
By Edward Martin, Photography by Catrina Earls

The new Jennette's Pier preserves a pastime the old one, and those like it, nurtured. “As recently as the mid-1990s, North Carolina had 36 — a quarter of piers from the tip of Maine to south Texas,” General Manager Mike Remige says. “By the early 2000s, that had dropped to 18. The culture is disappearing.” Reopened in May 2011, Jennette’s Pier helps hold the line as soaring real-estate values and vicious storms claim others.



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