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March 2012

Cover story

Raw deal

Supermarket sushi nourishes Philip Maung’s American dream.
By Lisa Davis

Spicy salmon, tuna-avocado and California rolls compete for space in a display case with less-common fare such as pollo picante, made of grilled chicken, bell peppers and jalapenos rolled in rice and seaweed and topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds. As passengers scurry to afternoon flights at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, a few stop to grab a bite and check their cellphones. Leaning against the counter is a man who is neither hungry nor in a hurry.



Buy the numbers

Data on how successfully, not how often, hospitals treat their patients will drive dollars under health-care reform.
By Edward Martin

In late winter, guests in white rockers sip coffee on the veranda of the clubhouse at Pinehurst Resort, overlooking a lawn that looks like it was clipped by a barber. Visitors stroll streets lined with boutiques and art galleries. Outside of town, wind whispers through longleaf pines: It’s a good day for golf. In the heart of the village, daffodils are blooming early this year on the campus of FirstHealth Moore Regional, centerpiece of a three-hospital network that covers 15 counties.


Two of a kind make a pair?

Most of the state’s major corporations apparently believe the referendum on gay marriage is none of their business.
By Ken Otterbourg

Plenty of groups are weighing in on the May 8 referendum that seeks to amend the state constitution and define marriage as being only between a man and a woman. There are churches, mental-health associations and community groups. But one bloc is largely silent. It’s the state’s business community, which by most indications is sitting this one out.


Photo Feature

Out of the box

A Charlotte company cuts and dresses up cargo containersto provide shelter and exposure for vendors and exhibitors.
By Edward Martin, Photography by Scott Stiles

More than two years after Charlotte-based Boxman Studios LLC started refurbishing shipping containers, CEO David Campbell isn’t sure what to call the finished product. “A hospitality venue?” he ventures. But he knows what it takes to make them — “lots of torches, lots of welding and lots of loud noises” — and hopes whatever they’re called will replace: canvas awnings, trailers, tents and other mobile means of sheltering vendors hawking trinkets, marketers showing off new products, wedding guests imbibing post-nuptial champagne and anyone else seeking temporary shelter.



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Digging into hospital data.

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How the economy turns.

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The levy as a lever.

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Her story and history.

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