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Regional Report Eastern July 2013

A study says Interstate 95's North Carolina counties will lose economic output without an improved highway, but residents are balking at proposed tolls.


Expirations on regulations

Free & Clear: If your goal is to reduce the overall weight of government regulation, sunset provisions are crucial. Rules should linger no longer than they’re needed.


Sweepstakes industry pays to play

Capital Goods: By deed if not word, part of the state’s political leadership appears to be whispering to the video-gambling industry, “Don’t go. We really don’t mean it.”


Worldly things

Cover story: Sharon Decker, who left corporate life to be a minister, shepherds the Department of Commerce’s conversion.


Regional Report Charlotte June 2013

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx is poised to leave after being named President Obama's secretary of transportation pick.


Regional Report Charlotte May 2013

Charlotte food truck Tin Kitchen is branching out with a retail restaurant.


Seeing what we want to see

Free & Clear: Politicians and activists tend to see other yards as green or brown depending on which color would be most convenient for their arguments.


Health care's need-to-know basis

Capital Goods: Relaxing certificate-of-need requirements is just one way GOP legislators seem intent on creating something resembling a free market for health care.


Will shale gas lift the economy?

Capital Goods: Even if North Carolina's natural gas reserves far exceed current estimates, the larger issue of supply could affect the state’s energy future in the short term.


Time to tend to family business

Free & Clear: Higher rates of divorce and out-of-wedlock births raise the cost of government and, thus, act as a drag on economic growth.


Regional Report Charlotte April 2013

Residential rents in Charlotte continue to rise as demand from consumers wary of buying houses surges ahead of available rental properties. But that may change over the next few years because construction of multifamily housing is booming.


Regional Report Triangle April 2013

The Triangle is making a name for itself in the industry by blending financial services with its trademark — high-technology


Regional Report Western April 2013

Though demand for their booze is booming, the owners of Asheville Distilling Co. have discovered that trying to change distribution laws that date to the end of Prohibition is enough to drive a person to drink.


Dems' sum isn't very filling

Capital Goods: To change the direction campaign money is flowing, Democrats must do more than just hope the GOP loses its way by tacking too far to the right. 


There is no Popish plot

Free & Clear: Neither Art Pope nor any of the John Locke Foundation’s donors has any editorial control over what I write or say. The same  goes for the governor.


Regional Report Eastern March 2013

Military spending cuts could have a ripple effect on Fayetteville's economy.


Regional Report Triangle March 2013

Raleigh communications agency Capstrat Inc. sold itself to Ketchum Inc. to expand its reach.


Regional Report Charlotte March 2013

Spurred by accusations that the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority pads its stats, Charlotte and local booster groups commissioned an outside agency to calculate the impact of the Democratic National Convention. The result? About 35,000 attendees helped generate almost $164 million, making it the most-lucrative event in the metro’s history.


Regional Report Western March 2013

President Obama touted manufacturing growth in Asheville, but the region's jobs in the industry are far from their peak.


New take on tax reform

Capital Goods: “The existing system isn’t going to work now or in the future,” says Sen. Bob Rucho, who wants to sub a broader state sales tax for those levied on income.