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NCtrend: Stepping on the gas

NCtrend: Ex-Halliburton exec uses energy expertise to influence the state's fracking debate.


Staffing up

Staffing up: Many of North Carolina's largest employers added workers in 2014.


Statewide: Charlotte region, December 2014

Monthly report of business news from the Charlotte region.


The 100 at 30

Cover story: S&D Coffee and the state's biggest private companies still pack a jolt.


Statewide: Eastern region, September 2014

Monthly report of business news from the Eastern region.


Statewide: Western region, September 2014

Monthly report of business news from the Western region.


Statewide: Timber tantrum

Statewide: Environmentalists try to chip away at the rapid growth in exports of wood pellets.


Statewide: Triangle region, July 2014

Monthly report of business news from the Triangle region.


Statewide: Western region, July

Monthly report of business news from the Western region.


Heart of coal

Cover story: Heart of coal: Ashes of what made Duke Energy so powerful smudge more than the biggest U.S. electric company's reputation.


Statewide: Western region, February 2014

Monthly report of business news from the Western region.


Regional Report Eastern January 2014

Hatteras Island businesses hope the latest sand to settle under the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge won't shift for some time.


Regional Report Triangle January 2014

By mixing things up at B. Everett Jordan Dam and Lake, lawmakers are saving buckets of money - at least for now.


Regional Report Charlotte January 2014

Things have been cloudy at Charlotte Douglas International Airport lately, with state and city officials fighting over its control. That's not preventing Charlotte leaders from preparing for sunnier times.


Top 75 public companies

Bigger Spenders. A rise in returns for the top public companies mirrors a comeback in consumers’ confidence.


Regional Report Charlotte August 2013

On July 1, Duke Energy Corp. CEO Jim Rogers handed the utility’s reins to Lynn Good, its chief financial officer.


Regional Report Charlotte February 2013

Apple Inc. amped up the fuel-cell operation at its Maiden data center from 4.8 to 10 megawatts.


One of those shocking developments

Why Jim Rogers is Mover and Shaker of the Year is just one of the weird, wacky things that generated news in 2012.


Regional Report Triangle January 2013

Durham-based Semprius Inc. makes the world’s most-efficient solar panels, which convert 33.9% of the energy in sunlight into electricity, according to independent tests.


Regional Report Western October 2012

Western North Carolina’s fiber-optic network originally focused on bringing high-speed Internet access to rural schools and libraries. But it has, along with an abundance of land and power, made the region a popular site for data centers.