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Regional Report Charlotte January 2014

Things have been cloudy at Charlotte Douglas International Airport lately, with state and city officials fighting over its control. That's not preventing Charlotte leaders from preparing for sunnier times.


Top 75 public companies

Bigger Spenders. A rise in returns for the top public companies mirrors a comeback in consumers’ confidence.


Regional Report Charlotte August 2013

On July 1, Duke Energy Corp. CEO Jim Rogers handed the utility’s reins to Lynn Good, its chief financial officer.


Regional Report Charlotte February 2013

Apple Inc. amped up the fuel-cell operation at its Maiden data center from 4.8 to 10 megawatts.


One of those shocking developments

Why Jim Rogers is Mover and Shaker of the Year is just one of the weird, wacky things that generated news in 2012.


Regional Report Triangle January 2013

Durham-based Semprius Inc. makes the world’s most-efficient solar panels, which convert 33.9% of the energy in sunlight into electricity, according to independent tests.


Regional Report Western October 2012

Western North Carolina’s fiber-optic network originally focused on bringing high-speed Internet access to rural schools and libraries. But it has, along with an abundance of land and power, made the region a popular site for data centers.

How top private companies are growing

Top private companies in North Carolina are growing by acquisitions, reinvesting, rebranding, introducing new products and gaining new partners.


Cache a check

Shareholder return is rising faster than CEO compensation, our list shows. And that’s without a nay say-on-pay vote


Regional Report Triangle September 2012

Comedian Louis C.K. made headlines in June when he announced tickets for his fall stand-up tour would be sold exclusively through his website. Rolling Stone speculated that the artist-controlled model might offer a new way of doing business for traveling entertainers of all stripes. But Travis Janovich, the founder and CEO of Morrisville-based Inc. — the ticket platform C.K. uses to process sales — isn’t so sure the comedian’s gambit signals a sea change.


Cache a check_copy

Shareholder return is rising faster than CEO compensation, our list shows. And that’s without a nay say-on-pay vote


A slow ride

The tepid growth of the Top 75's market value reflects the recovery's current sluggish pace.


Regional Report Triangle August 2012

Pittsboro-based Piedmont Biofuels has teamed up with Novozymes A/S to pioneer a process to make biodiesel from cheaper, more abundant grease.


Regional Report Charlotte August 2012

Duke Energy closed its merger with Progress Energy and hours later made a shocking change at CEO.


Regional Report Charlotte June 2012

SunEnergy 1 LLC, a Mooresville-based solar-panel installer, has taken advantage of the spike in solar-energy tax breaks, with contracts jumping from about $50 million last year to an estimated $130 million in 2012.


Regional Report Triad March 2012

Beginning this year, state law mandates that public utilities generate a portion of their power with swine and poultry waste, which can be converted to methane that fuels turbines.


Regional Report Charlotte March 2012

The Charlotte energy sector, which President Barack Obama has repeatedly praised, features such behemoths as Duke Energy Corp. and Siemens Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Germany-based Siemens AG. But economic-development officials are quick to admit its biggest flaw: a lack of startups.


Memories are made of this?

Once again, G.D. Gearino reviews the year that was, putting such a spin on it that 2011 feels quite dizzy.


Regional Report Triangle February 2012

Raleigh-based Progress Energy Inc., which plans to eliminate 700-1,000 jobs after its proposed merger with Charlotte-based Duke Energy Corp., agreed to sublease 380,000 square feet at Two Progress Plaza to Red Hat Inc. through August 2035.


Regional Report Eastern January 2012

Two eastern North Carolina wind-farm projects are having trouble shooting the breeze.