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Regional Report Eastern September 2012

Kinston Republican Stephen LaRoque resigned from the General Assembly in July after federal prosecutors charged him with eight counts of financial fraud related to two nonprofit lenders he operated.


Cache a check_copy

Shareholder return is rising faster than CEO compensation, our list shows. And that’s without a nay say-on-pay vote


A slow ride

The tepid growth of the Top 75's market value reflects the recovery's current sluggish pace.


Money for nothing

Cover story: Keith Simmons stacked the deck against his investors in a Ponzi scheme that took in more than $40 million.


Solid as a rock

Cover story: Solid as a rock. For decades, that described Bank of Granite. Here’s what caused it to crumble.


Too big to fell

It’s been trimmed, but Bank of America still towers over the Financial 100, where its sheer size makes it a sequoia surrounded by saplings.


Regional Report Western June 2012

Buddy Greenwood, the former president and CEO of Bank of Asheville, pleaded guilty in May to federal charges of money laundering and wire fraud.


Time for a change

The state's tax system, mired in the past, no longer works. But bringing it into the 21st century will take a lot of guts.


Regional Report Triangle May 2012

Durham-based SJF Ventures’ third private-equity fund became the first national one to be licensed by the Small Business Administration as an Impact Investment Fund. 


All that counts

Up Front: Journalists sometimes mess up, too.


Work starts to pick up

Business North Carolina's annual ranking of the state’s largest employers shows many have more jobs, indicating less unemployment ahead.


Regional Report Triad February 2012

High-Point-based BNC Bancorp has agreed to buy four banks since March 31, 2010, greatly expanding its market by acquiring smaller regional banks.


Hot Stocks 2012

A panel of pros pick the North Carolina stocks they think will perform best in 2012.


Occupy your mind

Fine Print: I’ve studied the Occupy Raleigh movement on a daily basis since the protest began but not exactly by choice. I can see the protesters from my desk in downtown Raleigh, and it’s not a matter of my having to take the trouble to look out the window. Thanks to the placement of my desk, I have to go to the trouble not to see them.


Regional Report Triad December 2011

“We’ve been growing throughout the whole downturn.”— Daryl Bible, chief financial officer of Winston-Salem-based BB&T Corp., after the bank agreed to acquire BankAtlantic in November. Bible was referring to BB&T’s deposits minus CD accounts, which have fallen off since the recession started in December 2007. But its expansion has come with a price: Its 2009 acquisition of failed Colonial Bank forced it to write off millions of the bank’s nonperforming assets a year later.

Regional Report Charlotte December 2011

“Get the heck out of that bank.”— Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin’s advice to Bank of America customers Oct. 3 after it announces it will institute a $5 monthly debit-card fee. Reason: the Durbin Amendment (named for you-know-who) to the Dodd-Frank Act, which limits “swipe fees” — what banks charge merchants for debit-card transactions — and will diminish the nearly $16 billion a year Charlotte-based BofA and others get from them. He makes his comment on the Senate floor.



Regional Report Western December 2011

In October, Asheville Savings Bank converted from a mutual association owned by its members to a financial institution owned by stockholders, selling more than $55 million of shares through subscription and a community offering. 


Thinking the unthinkable

Fine Print: In recent weeks I’ve found myself returning to the idea that Charlotte-based Bank of America will not survive.


30 that count

The host of public television’s Carolina Business Review selects the key figures influencing the Tar Heel economy.

The Wachovia Way

As one of Tar Heel business’s most famous brands fades away, one of the CEOs who gave it luster recalls what made it shine.