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Business's man

Cover story: House Speaker Thom Tillis is North Carolina's most focused free-market legislative leader in a long time — maybe ever.


Regional Report Charlotte December 2012

Leading up to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, the host committee kept saying fundraising was “right on track.” But somewhere along the line it ran off the rails.


McCrory lifts the Charlotte curse

Capital Goods: Republican Pat McCrory breaks the so-called Charlotte curse by winning the governor's race.


Another way to win tax reform

Free & Clear: The expected tax-reform battle might not end up being much of a battle at all.


Catching grief in troubled waters

Capital Goods: The fishing industry in North Carolina faces a lot of uncertainty these days, and it does so without a dedicated champion in the legislature.


Time to pay down the uncertainty principal

Free & Clear: Some have dismissed concerns about policy uncertainty as partisans attacking Obama. It’s more than a talking point, and it didn’t start with this president. 


A world of knowledge

Cover story: RTI International thinks it can continue to flourish by using minds over matters.


New swing state is getting ads nauseam

Capital Goods: The onslaught of political advertising is good for television stations selling airtime but bad for anybody who has any regard for the truth.


The real score on the state’s schools

Free & Clear: If North Carolina were a country, we’d rank sixth among 24 industrialized countries in K-12 spending per student and first in higher-education spending.


Commercial consideraton

Cover story: Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Walter Dalton tell how they plan to take care of business as governor.


For job growth, state should think small

Free & Clear: Rather than touting and ignoring rankings of the North Carolina’s business climate, leaders need to think about what really matters: economic performance.


Tide is turning in Tar Heel politics

Capital Goods: Money follows power, and for decades it went to the pro-business Democrats who dominated state government. Now Republicans rule the roost in Raleigh.


Regional Report Eastern September 2012

Kinston Republican Stephen LaRoque resigned from the General Assembly in July after federal prosecutors charged him with eight counts of financial fraud related to two nonprofit lenders he operated.


State needs restrictions on licensing

Capital Goods: The state licenses 107 trades and professions, everything from hair braiding to lawn care. Does this protect the public or restrict competition?


Going beyond conventional thinking

Free & Clear: Not only has North Carolina risen to national prominence in politics, but it’s a stage where important economic, educational and other issues are played out.


Party time

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte might not deliver the dollars promised, but publicity will be priceless.


Minding their business

Capital Goods: Legislators, whether the old Democratic regime or the new Republican majority, have been swayed by the arguments of corporate taxpayers.


The final words on this

Fine Print: Final words from G.D. Gearino in his last BNC column.


New route

Cover story: Gene Conti tries to get somewhere with moving the politics out of state transportation planning.


Baring their teeth

Capital Goods: The fight over who can run the business side of a dental practice could leave both sides in need of some repair work to their pearly whites.