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Regional Report Charlotte January 2012

Chiquita Brands International Inc. is moving its headquarters  from Cincinnati to Charlotte this year.


State of the unions

Labor eyes public employees to bolster ranks that, though they are weak, still stir strong opposition.


Fuming over the gas tax

Mooneyham: Over the last decade, the clamor and downright demagoguery surrounding North Carolina’s gasoline tax rival that of any topic in state politics.


Dear departed

Up Front: Though it barely touched upon business, last month’s column about my dog’s passing prompted the most reader response of any piece to appear in the pages of this magazine. You’ll find a sampling on page 6, but I thought I’d share this one here. It’s from Rufus Edmisten, the Boone native who was deputy chief counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee, North Carolina’s attorney general for 10 years, the Democratic nominee for governor in 1984 and secretary of state for two terms.


Regional Report Western November 2011

Tar Heels are learning their Alcoholic Beverage Control Boards don’t always follow the letter of the law.


Reworking it out

Capital Goods: Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly were at each other’s throats most of the past session.


Dread it when credit is due

The start of another major election year is three months away. Unfortunately for the country, and for some of the candidates, a summer that began with a bit of economic hope ended with a lot of pessimism. Politicians have had to face up to a cold, hard reality: The sour economy isn’t likely to be much sweeter come campaign season.

Taken to the extreme

It appears I have become an extremist. I know this because other people have declared it to be so.

Bending the rules

You don’t have to look hard to find a business owner, be it a big-time developer or a small retailer, with a story about unwanted government regulation.

Regional Report Charlotte September 2011

Charlotte boosters spent more than $700,000 — most of it tax money — on a Center City 2020 Vision Plan that focuses on what they want to see downtown but is fuzzy on details of how to get it.

Down the rabbit hole

Illegal immigration can do funny things to politicians.

One nation under nanny

President Obama came to town a few weeks ago, and much levity ensued.

Incentives to win

It wasn’t happenstance. Gov. Beverly Perdue, delivering her State of the State address to the General Assembly back in February, recognized a company and its CEO, who stood in the House gallery.

Soldier on

Thirty minutes, they said. “Get your combat gear and be on the airplane at Pope” — the Air Force base next door to Fort Bragg.

The uniform commercial code

The night is hot, the beer cold, the neon bright. Rick’s Lounge, which anchors Hay Street — “Combat Alley” — in downtown Fayetteville, is packed.

This business about the budget

Back in January, leaders of the new Republican majority in the General Assembly spoke of working in partnership with the Democratic governor.

2011 Legal Elite

We asked top Tar Heel lawyers where they pictured themselves practicing — or just living — if it couldn’t be North Carolina.


Easley and the enablers

Mike Easley always has been a charming fellow.


The people pick up the tab

Everyone has a fuse, and when lit that fuse can ignite an extended rant on whichever subject an individual holds dear in his or her lockbox of rage.


2009 Legal Elite

For the eighth year, North Carolina lawyers judge their peers to decide who presides as best of the bar.