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Balancing act

The best women lawyers in the state thrive through hard work − at the office and at home.


Bridge work

Free & Clear: Like the erroneous report of Mark Twain's passing, those lamenting the demise of bipartisan cooperation in lawmaking are exaggerated.



Free & Clear: Two decades of empirical research has shown that education reform will be the real winner if schools are allowed to compete for students.


Before the fall

Free & Clear: Before the fall: Votes cast in November should count most, but partisan redistricting has made party primaries of primary importance in Tar Heel politics.


Testing core values

Capital Goods: Testing core values: Some Republican lawmakers and their business allies have split ranks over Common Core, the national education standards adopted in 2011.


Closing credits

Cover story: Closing credits: A state incentive made North Carolina a haven for Hollywood, but tax reform may end the show.


Getting out of rehab

Feature: Tax breaks for renovating historic buildings breathed life into dying downtowns. Now the credits are expiring.


NCtrend: It's cheaper in Charlotte

It's cheaper in Charlotte: Feds claim they bought the mayor's influence for only $48,500.


Down and dirty

Capital Goods: The threat from coal ash is not new, but fate dealt the governor a bad hand when his former employer spilled massive amounts in a river on his watch.


Sovereign states

Free & Clear: Sovereign states: These 14 (and D.C.) rule when it comes to higher-than-average growth in both GDP and per capita income since 2000. North Carolina is not among them.


Heart of coal

Cover story: Heart of coal: Ashes of what made Duke Energy so powerful smudge more than the biggest U.S. electric company's reputation.


Not enough ventured

Free & Clear: Not enough ventured: And not enough will be gained until the state does more to encourage entrepreneurs to create jobs at the rate they have in past recoveries.


A second opinion

Capital Goods: The governor soothes irritated health-care providers by backing away from a plan for managed-care companies to run Medicaid.


Snuffed out

Cover story: Snuffed out: The end of the old Tar Heel economy began with the surgeon general's report.


The tangled web

Capital Goods: The legislature might be swatting a fly with a sledge hammer if it tries to bring some uniformity to municipal privelege taxes.


Working on it

Free & Clear: Both sides arguing about whether or not employment has improved under Obama and McCrory are laboring under a misconception.


NCtrend: Change agent

Change agent: Q&A with Richard Lindenmuth, interim executive director of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina Inc.


Pain and gain

Pain and gain: Gutted unemployment benefits bolstered the ranks of low-paying companies on our list of  largest employers.


Wheels of fortune

Free & Clear: Toll roads are one way to relieve congested highways. But to reap rewards, the public-private partnerships that build them should shoulder more risk.


Caught in the middle

Capital Goods: A recent report raises questions about how big a role placement agents and influence peddling play in investments of the state employees pension fund.