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Aggressive target marketing

Business leaders have long sought to learn lessons from war. In the '80s, for instance, the parallels between commerce and conflict were nakedly obvious, as corporate raiders - an untold number of whom had copies of Sun Tzu's The Art of War somewhere in their offices - launched hostile takeovers that were as ruthlessly executed as Sherman's march through the South.

Raising taxes has a sobering effect

Philip J. Cook, professor of public policy and economics at Duke University, argues that higher alcohol excise taxes are effective and underused tools that can cut abuse while permitting moderate alcohol consumption. His new book, Paying the Tab: The Costs and Benefits of Alcohol Control, was published in August.

2007 Legal Elite

These members of the bar are top-shelf: the state's best lawyers, picked by their peers, in 14 categories.


2006 Legal Elite

After weighing their opinions, lawyers elected these as the state's best in 12 business-related specialties.Each year, Business North Carolina sets out to answer a simple question: Who are the best business lawyers in the state? No one knows the answer to that better than Tar Heel lawyers themselves. So the magazine mailed 17,336 ballots last spring — one to every lawyer licensed by the State Bar and living in North Carolina.