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UNC system does more with less

Free & Clear: The debate between fiscal conservatives and liberals has not been about whether the state should pay for higher education but how - and how much.


Help wanted: jobs creator, a real one

Capital GoodsI read that N.C. State University economist Mike Walden predicts the state’s unemployment rate will drop by 2 percentage points next year.


North Carolina gets some good news

Free & Clear: To a journalist,” Phil Donahue once observed, “good news is often not news at all.”


Road to reform detours into tax cuts

Capital GoodsDespite the attention changes to abortion and election laws brought, the state legislature's Republican majority considers those it made to the tax structure its key accomplishment this year.


The session

Up Front: Taking the long view


Making its marque

Cover story: The GOP did that in the legislative session. But is it something that business will buy into?


Standing pat on the 3 R's

The governor scores big with roads, rules and job readiness.


Now about that new brand

What is it we - and outsiders - think North Carolina is all about?


Hard turn to the right

The state takes a different direction in its economic development efforts.


Getting more than you pay for

Free & Clear: “You get what you pay for” sounds like good advice. Its persuasive appeal explains why so many use it, from helpful grandpas to ambitious politicians.


Regional Report Western September 2013

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians was dealt a good hand in 2012. The state signed a 30-year compact with the tribe that allows table games with dealers at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel and opens the possibility of two more casinos on tribal land.


Call it what it is

Up Front: Republicans now rule state government, and they’re using voter suppression to retain rather than regain power.


Lessons from the session

Free & Clear: North Carolina adopted more free-market and conservative reforms than any other state has done in a single year.


Business changes course on education

Capital GoodsTop business leaders have fewer long-standing ties to North Carolina and public education in the state.


Regional Report Eastern September 2013

The East is generally regarded as the poorest region of the state, so it’s little wonder that impoverished children in and around Wilson have the slimmest chance of any poor kids in North Carolina of climbing the income ladder, according to a study by professors at Harvard University and University of California, Berkeley.


Focus on the homefront

Capital Goods: The Republican-controlled General Assembly clearly sees local government, in general, and city government, in particular, as too big for their britches


What's the big idea?

Free & Clear: Over the past four decades, ideas such as deregulating markets and adopting pro-growth tax codes have become increasingly powerful in public policy.


Regional Report Eastern August 2013

It’s not easy being a bay scallop in Bogue Sound — or anywhere else along North Carolina’s coast.


Regional Report Western August 2013

Evendale, Ohio-based GE Aviation says it has developed something that will change the jet-engine industry, and it has chosen Asheville as the place to produce it.


A place apart

Cover story: Left behind, North Carolina's northeast corner gets a lift from an economic driver across the state line.