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Regional Report Eastern September 2012

Kinston Republican Stephen LaRoque resigned from the General Assembly in July after federal prosecutors charged him with eight counts of financial fraud related to two nonprofit lenders he operated.


State needs restrictions on licensing

Capital Goods: The state licenses 107 trades and professions, everything from hair braiding to lawn care. Does this protect the public or restrict competition?


Going beyond conventional thinking

Free & Clear: Not only has North Carolina risen to national prominence in politics, but it’s a stage where important economic, educational and other issues are played out.


Party time

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte might not deliver the dollars promised, but publicity will be priceless.


Minding their business

Capital Goods: Legislators, whether the old Democratic regime or the new Republican majority, have been swayed by the arguments of corporate taxpayers.


The final words on this

Fine Print: Final words from G.D. Gearino in his last BNC column.


New route

Cover story: Gene Conti tries to get somewhere with moving the politics out of state transportation planning.


Baring their teeth

Capital Goods: The fight over who can run the business side of a dental practice could leave both sides in need of some repair work to their pearly whites.


When health care is wealth care

Fine Print: It’s beginning to feel that health care is the American domestic equivalent to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Another trickle-down theory

Fine Print: Local politicians are learning too well the lessons and techniques of Washington.


States' bragging rights

Capital Goods: Would a superhighway from Raleigh to Norfolk be a bigger boost to business than building a $4 billion deepwater port in North Carolina?


Time for a change

The state's tax system, mired in the past, no longer works. But bringing it into the 21st century will take a lot of guts.


Two of a kind make a pair?

Most of the state’s major corporations apparently believe the referendum on gay marriage is none of their business.


The levy as a lever

Gearino: It’s always fun when tax season coincides with an election cycle.


Her story and history

Mooneyham: On this, there can be no debate: Beverly Perdue made history.


Pointing fingers over idle hands

Mooneyham: In this down economy, politicians on both the left and right have tried to sell themselves to constituents as being all about jobs.


Chiquita’s slip is showing

Gearino: North Carolina’s newest corporate resident-to-be, Chiquita Brands International Inc., recently found itself in the odd situation of simultaneously being a boycotter and boycottee.


Memories are made of this?

Once again, G.D. Gearino reviews the year that was, putting such a spin on it that 2011 feels quite dizzy.


Regional Report Eastern February 2012

In January, state Transportation Secretary Gene Conti appointed one of his predecessors interim statewide logistics coordinator, a new position that will oversee the state ports and Global TransPark.


Legal Elite - Antitrust 2012

2012 Legal Elite winner: Antitrust - JONATHAN HEYLSmith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Charlotte