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Legal Elite - Tax and Estate Planning 2015

2015 Legal Elite winner: Tax and Estate Planning- Michael A. Colombo


Legal Elite - Young Guns 2015

2015 Legal Elite winner: Young Guns- Alvaro R. De La Calle


Right way to pay

Free & Clear: Charging users is the right way to pay to unclog roads.


To be continued

Free & Clear: Rather than rushing to expand Medicaid, state leaders should wait to see how the Republican-controlled Congress alters the Affordable Care Act.


Party parity

Free & Clear: A new index shows Tar Heel politics will stay competitive.


Poll ax

Free & Clear: Putin, ISIS and kids on the border sharpen security as a cutting-edge issue in an election that jobs, Obamacare and schools were supposed to shape.


They come, they go

Free & Clear: In good times and bad, companies shed workers and go out of business. Rather than try to control this, policymakers should cultivate job creation.


Balancing act

The best women lawyers in the state thrive through hard work − at the office and at home.


Bridge work

Free & Clear: Like the erroneous report of Mark Twain's passing, those lamenting the demise of bipartisan cooperation in lawmaking are exaggerated.



Free & Clear: Two decades of empirical research has shown that education reform will be the real winner if schools are allowed to compete for students.


Before the fall

Free & Clear: Before the fall: Votes cast in November should count most, but partisan redistricting has made party primaries of primary importance in Tar Heel politics.


Testing core values

Capital Goods: Testing core values: Some Republican lawmakers and their business allies have split ranks over Common Core, the national education standards adopted in 2011.


Closing credits

Cover story: Closing credits: A state incentive made North Carolina a haven for Hollywood, but tax reform may end the show.


Getting out of rehab

Feature: Tax breaks for renovating historic buildings breathed life into dying downtowns. Now the credits are expiring.


NCtrend: It's cheaper in Charlotte

It's cheaper in Charlotte: Feds claim they bought the mayor's influence for only $48,500.


Down and dirty

Capital Goods: The threat from coal ash is not new, but fate dealt the governor a bad hand when his former employer spilled massive amounts in a river on his watch.


Sovereign states

Free & Clear: Sovereign states: These 14 (and D.C.) rule when it comes to higher-than-average growth in both GDP and per capita income since 2000. North Carolina is not among them.


Heart of coal

Cover story: Heart of coal: Ashes of what made Duke Energy so powerful smudge more than the biggest U.S. electric company's reputation.


Not enough ventured

Free & Clear: Not enough ventured: And not enough will be gained until the state does more to encourage entrepreneurs to create jobs at the rate they have in past recoveries.


A second opinion

Capital Goods: The governor soothes irritated health-care providers by backing away from a plan for managed-care companies to run Medicaid.