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Regional Report Triangle October 2012

Durham-based BioSignia Inc. says it can tame health-care increases for employers through its Web-based software that generates employee health assessments and the recent acquisition of a company that creates wellness programs


How top private companies are growing

Top private companies in North Carolina are growing by acquisitions, reinvesting, rebranding, introducing new products and gaining new partners.


Cache a check

Shareholder return is rising faster than CEO compensation, our list shows. And that’s without a nay say-on-pay vote


Cache a check_copy

Shareholder return is rising faster than CEO compensation, our list shows. And that’s without a nay say-on-pay vote


A slow ride

The tepid growth of the Top 75's market value reflects the recovery's current sluggish pace.


Regional Report Western August 2012

The Western North Carolina Vitality Index found that while the portion of the goods-production workforce in the state and region is higher than in the nation, those leads have shrunk during the past 20 years.


Regional Report Triad July 2012

Winston-Salem-based giants Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Hanesbrands are collaborating to combat illness in a Caribbean country.


Regional Report Western July 2012

Western Carolina University will open its Health and Human Sciences Building this fall, making it the first structure in the school’s Millennial Initiative, which hopes to stimulate a public/private economic development similar to that of N.C. State University’s Centennial Campus.


Regional Report Triangle June 2012

GlaxoSmithKline PLC is gradually doing away with conventional work- stations at its Research Triangle Park campus, opting for a floating seat plan that saves money and increases productivity.


Regional Report Eastern June 2012

North Carolina’s fastest-growing county is poised to get its first hospital — make that two — now that Fayetteville-based Cape Fear Valley Health System and Pinehurst-based FirstHealth of the Carolinas Inc. have agreed to a truce.



Up Front: Business North Carolina compiled its own list of Tar Heel state top hospitals this year for the first time.


Buy the numbers

Data on how successfully, not how often, hospitals treat their patients will drive dollars under health-care reform.


Work starts to pick up

Business North Carolina's annual ranking of the state’s largest employers shows many have more jobs, indicating less unemployment ahead.


Regional Report Triad February 2012

High-Point-based BNC Bancorp has agreed to buy four banks since March 31, 2010, greatly expanding its market by acquiring smaller regional banks.


30 that count

The host of public television’s Carolina Business Review selects the key figures influencing the Tar Heel economy.

Regional Report Triangle July11

As hostile takeovers go, WakeMed Health & Hospital Inc.’s $750 million bid to buy Raleigh rival Rex Healthcare Inc. wouldn’t raise eyebrows on Wall Street, but it’s shocking in the once genteel realm of Tar Heel health care.


Regional Report Charlotte June 2011

CHARLOTTE Connextions, which operates call centers for the health-care industry, wants to hire 1,200 employees, 800 of whom would go to a center the Orlando, Fla.-based company planned to open here in May. The rest will go to an existing call center in Concord, which now employs about 600. The jobs will pay $35,000 to $45,000 a year.


Regional Report Western December 2008

The straw that broke Haywood Regional Medical Center’s back — February’s Medicare and Medicaid decertification after the death of a 37-year-old woman was linked to a medication error — might be the one that gets it up and around again.

The way of all flesh

Mark Higgins holds a syringe with a barrel the size of a bratwurst. The tip of his tongue is lodged in the corner of his mouth, and the end of the 8-inch-long needle is sunken in the neck of a corpse.

And once again

In one of the three straight years that Ed Martin won the Alliance of Area Business Publications gold medal for best body of work by a magazine reporter, the judges wrote: “His biggest talent? Telling a story. The concept sounds simple, but all writers — and especially business writers — seem to have a great trouble doing it. Martin knows reporting is the key to good storytelling and brings an intense level of investigation to stories.”