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By the book

Up Front: Many religious people, as well the politicians who prey upon them, tend to pick and choose, treating the testaments like columns A and B on a menu at a Chinese restaurant, selecting from whichever whatever best fits their prejudices.


Another trickle-down theory

Fine Print: Local politicians are learning too well the lessons and techniques of Washington.


States' bragging rights

Capital Goods: Would a superhighway from Raleigh to Norfolk be a bigger boost to business than building a $4 billion deepwater port in North Carolina?


Spring cleaning

Up Front: We redesigned out website, aiming to give readers more news and easier ways to find the magazine's contents.



Up Front: Business North Carolina compiled its own list of Tar Heel state top hospitals this year for the first time.


The levy as a lever

Gearino: It’s always fun when tax season coincides with an election cycle.


Her story and history

Mooneyham: On this, there can be no debate: Beverly Perdue made history.


All that counts

Up Front: Journalists sometimes mess up, too.


Pointing fingers over idle hands

Mooneyham: In this down economy, politicians on both the left and right have tried to sell themselves to constituents as being all about jobs.


Chiquita’s slip is showing

Gearino: North Carolina’s newest corporate resident-to-be, Chiquita Brands International Inc., recently found itself in the odd situation of simultaneously being a boycotter and boycottee.


Memories are made of this?

Once again, G.D. Gearino reviews the year that was, putting such a spin on it that 2011 feels quite dizzy.


Fuming over the gas tax

Mooneyham: Over the last decade, the clamor and downright demagoguery surrounding North Carolina’s gasoline tax rival that of any topic in state politics.


Paper thin

Up Front: I have a special place in my heart for newspapers. I grew up the son of a newspaperman.


The shovel-ready rate hike

Gearino: What’s the functional difference between a tax-funded federal stimulus program and Duke Energy Corp.’s recent rate-hike request?


A dog’s life

Up Front: He came with certified pedigree bearing the seal of the American Kennel Club.


Reworking it out

Capital Goods: Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly were at each other’s throats most of the past session.


Thinking the unthinkable

Fine Print: In recent weeks I’ve found myself returning to the idea that Charlotte-based Bank of America will not survive.



Numbers have special power, not the least their ability to measure more precisely than words.

Taken to the extreme

It appears I have become an extremist. I know this because other people have declared it to be so.

Bending the rules

You don’t have to look hard to find a business owner, be it a big-time developer or a small retailer, with a story about unwanted government regulation.