Article Title Issue

Right way to pay

Free & Clear: Charging users is the right way to pay to unclog roads.


Small is beautiful

Up Front: Award winners thrive as the business world consolidates.


To be continued

Free & Clear: Rather than rushing to expand Medicaid, state leaders should wait to see how the Republican-controlled Congress alters the Affordable Care Act.



Up Front: A tycoon's legacy lives on in the gift that keeps on giving.


Party parity

Free & Clear: A new index shows Tar Heel politics will stay competitive.


That's the breaks

Up Front: The legislature pushes back on economic incentives.


Poll ax

Free & Clear: Putin, ISIS and kids on the border sharpen security as a cutting-edge issue in an election that jobs, Obamacare and schools were supposed to shape.


They come, they go

Free & Clear: In good times and bad, companies shed workers and go out of business. Rather than try to control this, policymakers should cultivate job creation.


Little by little

Up Front: Rural areas produced many of the visionaries who built North Carolina. Now small towns and cities struggle to stay relevant.


Score: Four more

Up Front: Including two gold prizes, as Ed Martin adds to his cache and we're judged by our cover.


Bridge work

Free & Clear: Like the erroneous report of Mark Twain's passing, those lamenting the demise of bipartisan cooperation in lawmaking are exaggerated.


What's the score?

Up Front: Stats don't lie − paying for play isn't always a winner.



Free & Clear: Two decades of empirical research has shown that education reform will be the real winner if schools are allowed to compete for students.


Before the fall

Free & Clear: Before the fall: Votes cast in November should count most, but partisan redistricting has made party primaries of primary importance in Tar Heel politics.


Testing core values

Capital Goods: Testing core values: Some Republican lawmakers and their business allies have split ranks over Common Core, the national education standards adopted in 2011.


Genuine article

Up Front: Keith Crisco's life could be described as fanfare for the uncommon man.


Welcome back

Up Front: For the magazine's new editor, it's déjà vu all over again.


Down and dirty

Capital Goods: The threat from coal ash is not new, but fate dealt the governor a bad hand when his former employer spilled massive amounts in a river on his watch.


Sovereign states

Free & Clear: Sovereign states: These 14 (and D.C.) rule when it comes to higher-than-average growth in both GDP and per capita income since 2000. North Carolina is not among them.


Still a stroke back

Up Front: A Charlottean broke the PGA Tour's color barrier but didn't change its hue.