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NCtrend: Keeping the score under 140

Keeping the score under 140: Former Blue Devil Jay Bilas twits the NCAA with tweets to win athletes sweat equity.


2013 Falls into Place

2013 Falls into Place: An array of last year's executive excess, financial failings and baleful blunders. In other words, business as usual.


The king of comedy

Feature: He reigns over the biggest U.S. chain of comedy clubs, but for Brian Heffron, business isn’t a laughing matter.


Wheeling & dealing

Cover story: Wheeling & Dealing, Cars made Bruton Smith very rich. No wonder he seems to believe “it’s my way or the highway.”


Their brothers' keepers

Their Brothers' Keepers. The Peyton boys tend to each other and the golf course. If they do the former, the latter will one day be theirs.


Running the good races

Saturday night under the lights at Bowman Gray Stadium draws the most fans each week of any short track in the nation.


The drive

Before becoming a golf czar, John McConnell got canned. The firing only fueled his desire to build something better.


Regional Report Triad July 2013

Winston-Salem is getting out of the sports entertainment arena, planning to sell Bowman Gray Stadium and Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum.


Regional Report Western July 2013

The southern part of Asheville’s central business district is experiencing a rebirth as startups and expanding businesses seek affordable property close to the city’s more-expensive downtown.


Regional Report Eastern June 2013

North Carolina lawmakers are weighing whether to cut incentives to the state's film industry.


Prepping Pinehurst

No stranger to big tournaments, Pinehurst No. 2 will make history in 2014 with two U.S. Opens in two weeks played there.


Being Trumped

Up Front: Donald Trump woos to make a favorable impression of his new Mooresville course.


What's in a name?

Donald Trump says his name is a brand worth billions. And the value it creates for his golf courses is priceless.


Regional Report Western April 2013

Though demand for their booze is booming, the owners of Asheville Distilling Co. have discovered that trying to change distribution laws that date to the end of Prohibition is enough to drive a person to drink.


On the record

It’s where good vibrations from an Asheville studio’s special environment and unique equipment wind up.


Regional Report Western February 2013

Moog Music, the famed maker of synthesizers, has grown and thrived in Asheville.


Regional Report Triad January 2013

The Atlantic Coast Conference continues to change, with Notre Dame and Louisville entering the conference and Maryland departing.


A good walk

Up Front: Golf, for most of us, is hardly ever about the golf.


Regional Report Eastern April 2012

A Wilmington real-estate project that was undeveloped and unfunded is under construction and flush with Chinese cash, thanks to a foreign-investor program offered by U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services.


Back in the high life

Top golf courses: Once under a mountain of debt, a golf development near Sylva has a new owner, new business model and new hope.