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Regional Report Charlotte August 2011

“Because we don’t want to.”

Major success in a minor key

Barbra Streisand seemed a bit flustered. Wearing a majestic necklace with shiny black stones and a flowing maroon dress, the veteran actress and pop star was standing at the podium during the Grammy ceremony in Los Angeles Feb. 13.

Regional Report Western July11

Publicity is integral in making a movie a hit.


Regional Report Charlotte January 2009

When hard times forced a stock-car team to cut costs in racing’s early days, it usually meant losing five or six grease monkeys. “Now, you’ve got to put another zero on everything,” says Humpy Wheeler, former president and general manager of Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

Regional Report Western January 2009

Even with golfer Tiger Woods involved, selling high-dollar real estate might seem like a long shot these days.

Bobby Long

Six years ago, Bobby Long was described in print as “the most successful businessman in Greensboro that you’ve never heard of."

E. Spencer Robbins

He’s no golf historian, but like many an older fan, Spencer Robbins can recall Jack Nicklaus getting the better of Arnold Palmer a time or two.

Kelly Miller

He married into one of the state’s great golf families, and it’s natural to assume that Kelly Miller married into money.

Thomas J. Fazio

No living designer has more credits on Golf Digest’s list of America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses than Tom Fazio.

William Mangum

When the textile and furniture industries landed in the rough, the brush strokes of William Mangum’s watercolors became more defined.

Elsie Garner

Elsie Garner, 61, has made a career of television, yet the WTVI president and CEO spent her early years without one. The daughter of missionaries in Trujillo, Peru, she got rare glimpses of TV when the family made trips to Lima.

H.A. Wheeler

Such prestigious titles as president and chief operating officer may have preceded his name, but make no mistake: Humpy Wheeler was, above all, a world-class entertainer.

James O'Brien


Pat Whalen

Talk about impressing the right people. In April, Pat Whalen got a phone call from Rolling Stone magazine telling him that The Orange Peel Social Aid and Pleasure Club had made its list of the five best rock clubs in the country.

Paul Beard

Though Fayetteville native Paul Beard retired from the entertainment industry at the ripe old age of 18 — his parents owned the local speedway, and he grew up selling tickets and concessions — he couldn’t stay away.

Regional Report Western July 2008

Appalachian State University’s football team has gotten national attention for putting points on the board, and it’s not too bad at putting coin in the school’s coffers. When it shocked college-football fans last September by beating the University of Michigan Wolverines at The Big House in Ann Arbor, one of the shrines of the game, ASU pocketed $400,000. This year’s opener? Another road game against a history-rich team in college football’s top division: Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. ASU’s take will jump to $550,000.

Drive to succeed

The image from last May is everlasting. After holing his final putt to win the fifth Wachovia Championship, Tiger Woods pulled his golf ball from the cup, turned and flung it into the crowd along the 18th fairway at Quail Hollow Club.


Open to change

Jim Hyler is a vice president of the United States Golf Association, the national governing body for golf. A native of southern Virginia, he graduated in 1970 with a bachelor’s in accounting from Virginia Tech. After 10 years at Ernst & Young, he moved to Raleigh in 1980, where he joined First Citizens BancShares. He recently retired as its vice chairman and chief operating officer. Hyler recently talked about golf in the state.

Regional Report Charlotte April 2008

Panthers. Bobcats. Checkers. Knights. Few weekends pass without Charlotte sports fans having something to buy tickets for, and that’s not counting NASCAR, golf and other events. Queen City businesses face similar choices about where to spend sponsorship money. Given all that, a football team for UNC Charlotte might be akin to having too many players on the field.

Ben Sutton

Sports is a conservative industry run by cartels that call themselves leagues. That conservatism crimps innovation. So give a double shot of credit to Ben Sutton Jr., founder of International Sports Porperties Inc. in Winston-Salem, for coming up with one.