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Playing ball

Minor-league teams pitch new parks as a way for downtown development to hit a home run.


Independent production

A successful business lawyer teams up with a tattooed dissident to save a video store but finds a happy ending is hard to come by.


Regional Report Eastern May 2012

Recently introduced regulations that limit the use of off-road vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore have rekindled debate about the impact of those rules on North Carolina’s coastal economy.


Regional Report Charlotte March 2012

The Charlotte energy sector, which President Barack Obama has repeatedly praised, features such behemoths as Duke Energy Corp. and Siemens Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Germany-based Siemens AG. But economic-development officials are quick to admit its biggest flaw: a lack of startups.


The best of luck

People who know the majority owner of the Carolina Panthers describe Jerry Richardson many ways.


30 that count

The host of public television’s Carolina Business Review selects the key figures influencing the Tar Heel economy.

Onto another plane

As his black Chrysler rolls out of Little Washington across the bridge over the Pamlico River, Reggie Fountain chatters like a jackhammer into his cellphone.

Regional Report Charlotte August 2011

“Because we don’t want to.”

Major success in a minor key

Barbra Streisand seemed a bit flustered. Wearing a majestic necklace with shiny black stones and a flowing maroon dress, the veteran actress and pop star was standing at the podium during the Grammy ceremony in Los Angeles Feb. 13.

Regional Report Western July11

Publicity is integral in making a movie a hit.


Regional Report Charlotte January 2009

When hard times forced a stock-car team to cut costs in racing’s early days, it usually meant losing five or six grease monkeys. “Now, you’ve got to put another zero on everything,” says Humpy Wheeler, former president and general manager of Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

Regional Report Western January 2009

Even with golfer Tiger Woods involved, selling high-dollar real estate might seem like a long shot these days.

Bobby Long

Six years ago, Bobby Long was described in print as “the most successful businessman in Greensboro that you’ve never heard of."

E. Spencer Robbins

He’s no golf historian, but like many an older fan, Spencer Robbins can recall Jack Nicklaus getting the better of Arnold Palmer a time or two.

Kelly Miller

He married into one of the state’s great golf families, and it’s natural to assume that Kelly Miller married into money.

Thomas J. Fazio

No living designer has more credits on Golf Digest’s list of America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses than Tom Fazio.

William Mangum

When the textile and furniture industries landed in the rough, the brush strokes of William Mangum’s watercolors became more defined.

Elsie Garner

Elsie Garner, 61, has made a career of television, yet the WTVI president and CEO spent her early years without one. The daughter of missionaries in Trujillo, Peru, she got rare glimpses of TV when the family made trips to Lima.

H.A. Wheeler

Such prestigious titles as president and chief operating officer may have preceded his name, but make no mistake: Humpy Wheeler was, above all, a world-class entertainer.

James O'Brien