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Laying it online

Feature: How the top private companies in the state are opening up commerce on the internet.


Good Measure

Feature: The state’s richest man recounts how getting nudged from an ivory-tower nest eventually sent SAS soaring.


Going to the chapels

Weddings are a marriage made in heaven for Raleigh photo-sharing app.


Calling Ahead

Feature: Bandwidth has something wireless giants don’t — cellphones that make calls over the Internet.


Regional Report Triangle September 2013

Not all startups are created equal.


Top 75 public companies

Bigger Spenders. A rise in returns for the top public companies mirrors a comeback in consumers’ confidence.


The drive

Before becoming a golf czar, John McConnell got canned. The firing only fueled his desire to build something better.


Regional Report Triangle July 2013

Nearly a dozen tech companies are hiring in the Triangle, attempting to fill hundreds of jobs at new or expanding operations in the region.


Delivering the news

Warren Buffett buys newspapers in North Carolina because he thinks they can still turn a profit.


Regional Report Triangle June 2013

Cary-based nonprofit EntreDot Enterprises helps entrepreneurs connect the dots and learn how to make their businesses a success.


Regional Report Triangle May 2013

No life-science company in the Triangle completed an initial public offering last year, illustrating the industry’s struggles since the recession. But three already have gone or filed to go public in 2013.


Regional Report Triad May 2013

Piedmont Triad Research Park in Winston-Salem is rebranded as Wake Forest Innovation Quarter.


Regional Report Triangle April 2013

The Triangle is making a name for itself in the industry by blending financial services with its trademark — high-technology


Vapor trails

Cover story: A hot deal for electronic-cigarette seller blu ecigs shows where there’s no smoke, there’s fire.


Regional Report Triangle March 2013

Raleigh communications agency Capstrat Inc. sold itself to Ketchum Inc. to expand its reach.


Treasure hunting

Small Business of the Year Runner-up: Fuentek LLC is based on a simple premise: Brilliant minds often have tunnel vision. Potentially lucrative findings and inventions collect dust at academic institutions and government agencies because their creators don’t envision their commercial viability.


A world of knowledge

Cover story: RTI International thinks it can continue to flourish by using minds over matters.


Rapid-fire growth

Locked and loaded, Epic Games blasts its way up this year's ranking of private companies.


How top private companies are growing

Top private companies in North Carolina are growing by acquisitions, reinvesting, rebranding, introducing new products and gaining new partners.


Cache a check

Shareholder return is rising faster than CEO compensation, our list shows. And that’s without a nay say-on-pay vote