McCrory calls sales-tax bill 'class warfare'

March 31, 2015

(The Charlotte Observer)

Gov. Pat McCrory said Monday a Senate bill that proposes to redistribute sales-tax revenue from urban areas to rural ones would raise taxes for "millions of people in North Carolina." State Sen. Bob Rucho of Matthews has introduced a competing proposal that wouldn't impact urban areas as much as the first bill filed by Sen. Harry Brown. 

Tillis, Burr vote with Democrats for same-sex marriage benefits

March 30, 2015

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr voted last week for a budget amendment that would give legally married same-sex spouses Social Security and veterans benefits. The North Carolina senators joined nine Republicans and all Democrats in voting for the measure.


Senators file bill to sell Dorothea Dix property to highest bidder

March 27, 2015

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

Three Republican senators filed a bill Thursday that would put the 308-acre Dorothea Dix property in Raleigh up for sale. Bidding would start at $52 million – the same amount the city agreed to pay for the property. City leaders want to build a destination park similar to New York City's Central Park. "I just believe that the property is worth more than we're being offered," Sen. Tommy Tucker of Waxhaw said.

House committee rejects medical marijuana bill

March 26, 2015

(The Fayetteville Observer)

A House judiciary committee voted unanimously against a bill that would have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

House committee approves historic-preservation incentives

March 25, 2015

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

The N.C. House Finance Committee approved plans for a scaled-back version of the historic-preservation tax credit, which expired Jan. 1. The bill now moves on to the full House.

Legislators reveal sales-tax plan to benefit rural counties

March 24, 2015

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

State legislators proposed a plan that would redistribute sales tax collected on goods in North Carolina to counties based on population. The current model is weighted toward sending tax revenue back to counties where the sales are made. Under the new plan, Buncombe, Durham, Mecklenburg, Watauga and four coastal counties would see a reduction in sales-tax revenue.

McCrory, Berger square off over jobs bill

March 23, 2015

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

Tension between Gov. Pat McCrory and Senate leader Phil Berger is evident following a court ruling over separation of powers that favored McCrory. The Senate reacted last week by freezing many new appointments and by proposing a jobs-incentives plan that is very different from the House plan backed by McCrory.
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Support for medical marijuana growing in NC

March 20, 2015


About 150 supporters of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes lobbied state lawmakers Thursday. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana – none are in the Southeast.

NC Senate bill would increase jobs-incentive fund by $5M

March 19, 2015

(Winston-Salem Journal)

The N.C. Senate introduced a bill Wednesday that would increase the amount of money in the state's largest incentive fund from $22.5 million to $27.5 million. A House bill passed on March 5 would double the funds to $45 million.
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NC Senate takes a cautious approach to incentives bill

March 18, 2015

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

N.C. Commerce Secretary John Skvarla could face pushback from the state Senate on a bill that would increase funds for the state's main jobs-recruiting program. The House has approved the bill, which would increase the cap on the grant program from $22.5 million to $45 million. The bill next must be reviewed by the Senate Rules Committee, which hasn't met since this year's legislative session began.