McCrory proposes broad changes to film incentive program

May 23, 2014

(Star-News, Wilmington)

Gov. Pat McCrory filed a budget proposal Thursday that would replace the 25% tax credit for film productions with several separate credits and would cap the rebate at $6 million compared with the existing $20 million. McCrory's proposal also would increase the amount of required qualified spending from $250,000 to $1 million. (BNC goes inside the N.C. film industry in our May cover story)

NC Senate passes bill to allow fracking

May 22, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

The N.C. Senate passed a bill that would lift the state's moratorium on horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. The legislation must return to the Senate for one more vote on Thursday before moving on to the House.

Senate committees approve lifting ban on fracking

May 21, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

Two N.C. Senate committees passed a bill that would allow the state to begin issuing permits for energy companies to begin hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. The Senate will hear the Energy Modernization Act on Wednesday and Thursday before it goes to the House for debate.  

Ellmers introduces amendment to keep Fort Bragg airlift wing

May 20, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers has proposed an amendment to a federal act that would deactivate Fort Bragg's 440th Airlift Wing in 2015. The House Rules Committee must approve the amendment before it can be brought to the House floor.

Moral Monday demonstrations to resume today

May 19, 2014


Moral Monday protestors plan to return to Raleigh today, though the legislature enacted new rules last week that limit protests inside the state legislative building. Last year's weekly protests led to nearly 1,000 arrests.

McCrory's effectiveness in question as legislative session continues

May 19, 2014

(The New York Times)

While the state unemployment rate has fallen from 9.5% to 6.2% under Gov. Pat McCrory's tenure, an Elon University poll conducted last month found that only 37% of voters in N.C. believe the state is headed in the right direction. 

Superior Court judge rules against eliminating teacher tenure

May 19, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

A Wake County Superior Court judge ruled that the state legislature's effort to eliminate teacher tenure is unconstitutional. The ruling applies to teachers who already have tenure, but not to those who have yet to earn it.

Sea-level forecast will look only at next 30 years

May 16, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission will limit its official forecasting of sea-level rise to the next 30 years. The group is worried that studies that forecast as much as 100 years into the future may not be as reliable and could slow economic growth along the coast.

McCrory introduces modified $21 billion budget as legislative short session begins

May 15, 2014

(The Fayetteville Observer)

The state General Assembly reconvened on Wednesday to make adjustments to the state budget, but legislators also will address topics including coal-ash cleanup and expanding Medicaid. Gov. Pat McCrory proposed a $21 billion budget that gives raises to teachers and state employees but reduces funding to the UNC system.

McCrory's coal-ash plan one of first bills filed in legislative session

May 15, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

On the opening day of the state General Assembly's short session, senate leader Phil Berger and Republican Sen. Tom Apodaca filed a bill that included Gov. Pat McCrory's plan to regulate coal ash. The bill proposes handling storage and disposal of coal ash on a case-by-case basis and hiring 19 people to monitor coal-ash activities.