N.C. Ports Authority begins interviews for new CEO

January 23, 2014

(StarNews, Wilmington)

The chairman of the N.C. Ports Authority says it has narrowed down the search for a new chief executive to five or six candidates. Jeff Miles took over as interim CEO since Feb. 2013 when Tom Bradshaw resigned. The state Department of Transportation assumed operations of the ports from the Department of Commerce in 2011. 

McCrory says teachers will get pay raises, promises review of DHHS

January 22, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

At a press conference on Tuesday, Gov. Pat McCrory outlined priorities for 2014, among them pay raises for teachers, a major review of the Department of Health and Human Services and continued emphasis on energy exploration including hydraulic fracturing and offshore drilling.

McCrory moving ahead with campaign promises one year later

January 21, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

A year after Gov. Pat McCrory's inauguration, his approval rating is eight points lower than when he took office but he is moving forward with much of his legislative agenda, which includes cutting personal income and corporate tax rates.

Three Eastern counties ranked worst for voting access

January 20, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

According to a report from the nonpartisan Center for American Progress, Hertford, Pender and Scotland Counties have the worst voting access in North Carolina. The report, based on an analysis of data from the 2012 election, concluded that the most accessible counties were Cherokee, Mecklenburg and Union.

Doctors sue state over flawed NC Tracks billing system

January 17, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

A group of seven medical practices has filed lawsuits against the state Department of Health and Human Services and three companies associated with the NC Tracks medical billing system, which has caused problems and delays with Medicaid claims processing since it launched July 1.

State suspends tax computer system after $90 million investment

January 16, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

After investing $85 million on a tax computer system and an additional $5 million for unbilled work not yet paid, the state decided to cancel its contract with CGI Group, the Montreal-based contractor that also built the troubled site. 

NAACP wants earlier election to fill Mel Watt's seat

January 15, 2014

(The News & Record, Greensboro)

The president of the state chapter of the NAACP called on Gov. Pat McCrory to let voters choose a successor for Rep. Mel Watt's seat before the regular election in November. Residents of the 12th Congressional District will not have a representative for more than 10 months.

More than 107,000 NC residents have chosen health plans under the Affordable Care Act

January 14, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

Based on the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 107,000 North Carolina residents have signed up for health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act. Of those, 89% have qualified for subsidies, among the highest rates in the nation.

State GOP leaders form committee to study statewide impact of Affordable Care Act

January 14, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

N.C. Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and House Speaker Thom Tillis announced the formation of a legislative committee to study the effects of the Affordable Care Act on the state's economy and residents, including investigations into higher premiums and canceled policies. 

McCrory's office studied casino proposal months before it was revealed to public

January 13, 2014

(The News & Observer, Raleigh)

New documents reveal Gov. Pat McCrory's office actively reviewed a proposal from the Catawba Indian Nation for a Cleveland County casino months before the plans for the project became public, then distanced itself from the deal as it began to draw fierce opposition from top state lawmakers.