NC Trend

Business North Carolina examines recent economic indicators in the state.

N.C. Shipping Tonnage

Shipping tonnage rose slightly in January over the previous month.

N.C. Vehicle Registration

The number of new vehicle registrations rose sharply in January.

N.C. Hotel Occupancy

The January hotel occupancy rate was down slightly from December.

N.C. Incorporations

The number of incorporations increased from 4,439 in December to 5,386 in January.

N.C. Construction

Numbers are reported in three rolling months.

N.C. Air Passenger Boardings

Figures reported by airports based on January 2014 enplanements.

N.C. Electric Utilities

Figures reported based on January 2014 usage.

N.C. Employment

The North Carolina unemployment rate fell to 6.3% in March, down from 6.4% in February. The U.S. rate remained at 6.7%.

N.C. Retail Sales

Statewide taxable retail sales were up more than 9% over the previous December.

N.C. Unemployment map

January unemployment rates for North Carolina's 100 counties.