Best Employers in North Carolina

Best Employers in North Carolina




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The state's best employers don't give their workers everything; they give them the right things.




When you show some warmth, attitudes can change. That especially holds true in the workplace, says Susan Springer, director of workplace assessment at Harrisburg, Pa.-based Best Companies Group. Employees at one company, for instance, complained that the building temperature was uncomfortably frigid. It was an easy fix, and workers' satisfaction skyrocketed. That situation is a prime example of the Hawthorne effect, she says, where employees' production increases after working conditions improve. It also shows that big investments or nontraditional offerings - such as nap pods, dry cleaning or free food at technology companies in Silicon Valley - aren't needed to produce happy employees. "You don't have to be a Google or Microsoft to be considered a great place to work."

So which Tar Heel companies are the best to work for?

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