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The Law Journal

No matter what a business is engaged in, it must operate within a complex legal framework. That’s why Business North Carolina publishes its annual Law Journal, in which some of the state’s top lawyers highlight issues that could arise and, if not handled properly, entangle even the best-run enterprise. For example, with financial markets still recovering, lenders treat distressed borrowers differently. The Dodd-Frank Act has changed the rules for investment managers, particularly as to who must register with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or state regulators. Even patent protection — and the need for it — has changed because of the rapid pace of technology innovation. These are just a few of the topics our writers have tackled in the pages that follow. We think you’ll find them interesting and useful. And, as always, we thank the authors for their efforts and their firms for the financial support that makes this project possible.

— Ben Kinney, Publisher


Table of Contents

Get the Most for Your Patent Buck by Focusing on What You Really Need
by Gregory A. Hunt
Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt, PA

High-tech Surveillance of Employees can be Full of Surprises
by Fred Williams
James, McElroy & Diehl, PA

Distressed Borrowers should be Aware of the Trends in Loan Modifications
by Trawick H. Stubbs, Jr. and Laurie B. Biggs
Stubbs & Perdue, PA

Marital Contracts can Reassure Spouses and Provide for the Future
by Cathy C. Hunt
Gailor, Wallis & Hunt, PLLC

Self-Help Remedies aren't the Best Course for Commercial Landlords
by Michael S. Harrell
Manning, Fulton & Skinner, PA

Even Limited Liability Companies don't Offer Complete Protection
by Heath Alexander
James, McElroy & Diehl, PA

Dodd-Frank Act Changes the Rules for Many Investment Fund Managers
by Haynes Lea and Rick Starling
Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, PA

OSHA Poised to Follow Through on Stepped-up Workplace Safety Checks
by Steve Parascandola and Caroline N. Belk
Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan, LLP

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