Round Tables

Region and Industry
Round Tables

Business North Carolina frequently convenes panels of business and government experts to discuss an industry segment or state region. The discussion at these business round tables is moderated but frank, free-flowing and presented as a sponsored section in BNC. Find out what the panel members had to say about the state of business and economic development in North Carolina.



Eastern N.C. Round Table
From the March 2015 issue
Buoyed by a major university dedicated to transforming its region, eastern North Carolina is becoming a favored spot for new and growing businesses.

Economic Forecast Round Table
From the February 2015 issue
North Carolina's diversified economy is picking up steam, though a panel of state leaders finds the divide between urban and rural fortunes perplexing.


CEO Round Table
From the December 2014 issue
Three prominent leaders discuss what makes North Carolina distinctive. Hosted by High Point University.

From the October 2014 issue
Manufacturers shape their futures through technology and collaboration.

From the June 2014 issue

Renewables have shown their importance to the North Carolina energy industry, but their growth requires clearer policies and better policies.

From the April 2014 issue

The biotechnology industry needs workforce development, research partnerships and entrepreneurs to continue its powerful contributions to the state economy.

Economic Forecast
From the February 2014 issue

The numbers point to faster economic growth for North Carolina this year, but companies will still have to clear obstacles such as health care.


From the December 2013 issue

Three nationally known CEOs share thoughts and advice on leadership, which to them is more about refining the process than waiting for results.

From the November 2013 issue

The region leverages its workforce, educational assets and stable economy for growth while addressing the challenges it brings.

Banking and Finance
From the October 2013 issue

North Carolina financial institutions are rethinking everything from branches to loans while addressing regulations and a new generation of customers.

From the September 2013 Issue
New core industries are shaping the Triad’s future while relying on its current strengths: location, education, skilled workers and manufacturing.

From the August 2013 Issue
The North Carolina energy industry is shaping manufacturing, education and technology as it prepares for the future.

Health care
From the July 2013 Issue
The health-care industry is making sweeping changes to control costs and bring better care to North Carolinians.

Western North Carolina
From the June 2013 Issue
Western North Carolina is building its economic future on the qualities that have made its residents and businesses successful in the past.

From the May 2013 Issue
Opportunities await entrepreneurs in North Carolina, but successes will be determined by a team effort.

Eastern North Carolina
From the April 2013 Issue
Collaborations between the industries that make North Carolina’s Eastern Region home will help compound their success.

From the March 2013 Issue
Biotechnology is changing manufacturing, including what it makes, what it needs and how it is seen.

Economic Forecast
From the February 2013 Issue
The North Carolina economy is expected to record temperate growth this year as it continues to recover from its recession hangover.


Military Business
From the December 2012 Issue
The businesses in North Carolina's military cluster find success by enlisting unparalleled preparation and support.

From the November 2012 Issue
STEM education builds a new breed of worker that will help North Carolina businesses meet their future challenges.   

From the August 2012 Issue
North Carolina's energy industry has harnessed innovation and drive to emerge as a leader in conventional and renewable energy technologies.  

Buncombe County
From the July 2012 Issue
Buncombe County leverages its quality of life and picture-perfect surroundings to attract manufacturers, entrepreneurs and long-term investment.

Pitt County
From the May 2012 Issue
Greenville and Pitt County are positioned to capture the benefits of eastern North Carolina’s slow-but-sure economic recovery.

Travel and Tourism
From the April 2012 Issue
Tar Heel tourist attractions took a hit in the recession. Here's how some are bringing business back.

From the March 2012 Issue

Contract research organizations in North Carolina have expanded beyond traditional parameters to meet customers needs and emerging trends.


Business and Education
From the November 2011 Issue

More than ever, businesses in North Carolina recognize that part of being successful means cultivating homegrown talent.

From the May 2011 Issue

North Carolina’s burgeoning energy industry invests billions in generating a cleaner, smarter and more sustainable future.

Meeting and Convention
From the April 2011 Issue

As recession loosens its stranglehold on the economy, meetings and conventions drive tourism recovery.

From the March 2011 Issue

North Carolina’s agricultural biotechnology industry seeks solutions for feeding the world and slaking its thirst for energy.


From the December 2010 Issue

Though North Carolina’s been a high-tech leader for decades, components of the sector must mature to push the state forward.

From the September 2010 Issue

More North Carolina companies want health coverage crafted to give employees incentives to make better choices.

Family Business
From the May 2010 Issue

Executives and experts talk about what makes family-owned businesses a different breed.

From the April 2010 Issue

Power players discuss how changes in the energy industry generate business.

From the March 2010 Issue

The N.C. Biotechnology Center melds the state’s best scientific, technical and business minds into Centers of Innovation.


Business and Education
From the December 2009 Issue

When it comes to improving the public-education system, school officials say they depend on the help of industry leaders.