Just for clicks — February

Just for clicks

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Going Hollywood — and beyondclientuploads/Archive_Images/Online Extras/Feb 2014/Bilas/Bilas_head-crop.jpg

Before becoming an ESPN analyst and social-media activist, Jay Bilas — profiled in Business North Carolina’s revamped NCtrend section — was Azeck, “the good alien,” in a sci-fi flick. View the trailer on the other side of the jump. Plus: Bilas prepared for law-school exams by making exhaustive outlines. He does the same before calling a game. Check out his crib notes here.

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Full circuitclientuploads/Archive_Images/Online Extras/Feb 2014/Trent-River-Bridge-New-Bern.jpg

We rode the rails to report on the value of the state's railroad in February's cover story. To see the evolution of the North Carolina Railroad through pictures, click here.

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Booze is cruising

The sales and production of alcoholic beverages — the first industry examined in our overhauled Statewide section — are booming in North Carolina. By how much? Click here for the answer.

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